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We are a Welcoming and Affirming and SAFE place where like minded individuals can come together in Unity to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.  A place where we share the undeniable, uncompromised LOVE of God!  We are a virtual community with an evangelistic and capacity building vision for ministries, ministers and those seeking to fulfill the call of ministry and God in their lives.


Through our virtual community individuals can locate resources, engage in conversations via scheduled live and video chat as well as take advantage of pre-recorded devotional messsages through video and audio.  Additionally, there will be a schedule of live events with various preachers, teachers, evangelist, etc. offered through our webinar platform.  Live and pre-recorded radio will be coming soon offering teaching, live interviews, music etc.


Rev, Joe Parramore is available for preaching/teaching at your local church/fellowship, bible study, conference etc.  Rev. Parramore is a gifted and prolific speaker, writer, teacher and preacher who is able to communicate and deliver a moving and effective message of God's unconditional and inclusive love for all humanity.


.....and YES we even do weddings and civil unions!


You may use our contact link to request additional information.


You can use our contact link to request additional information, request services and even provide feedback to NJM.



You can find print resources designed for personal and professional growth.  This listing is by no means an endorsement, they are provided as suggestions only.


New Journey will have scheduled events that allows active participation in live/video chats, webinars and seminars.



Join us for our live/video chats. Check the calendar for dates, guest speakers, and guest host. You never know, who you might see..


NJM is about Kingdom building. If you feel you have a call to ministry, you can find information regarding, 1) ministry calling, 2) ministry formation, 3) assesment surveys and tools, 4) credentialing information, 5) ministry covering information, and 6) community/capacity building information.

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