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New Journey Ministries beleives in and requires proper and appropriate preparation for individuals who feel the call of God in their life to the Ministry of Gospel.  A candidate’s ministry needs and deserves formation of high standards, effective methods, and comprehensive goals.  Effective formation methods address the whole person: emotions, imagination, will, heart and mind.  It is the whole person who ministers, so the whole person is the proper subject of formation.


New Journey Ministries has developed the following comprehensive ministry formation process that addresses the whole person.  This process includes the following:


  • Provides systematic opportunities for the individual to learn about the call to ministry and to discuss his/her call experience.


  • To assist the individual in developing and understanding their call to ministry.


  • To integrate and provide opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.


  • To provide a systematic approach to academic, human, spiritual and pastoral formation and development.


  • To provide continuing education opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.


The integrity of ministry is crucial and without question one of the cornerstones to success in effectively delivering the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore candidates will participate in and provide the following:


  • A Personality Traits Inventory.


  • A Temperament Assessment.


  • A Concept Paper.


  • A Ministry Gifts Profile.


  • Participate in a phone/video interview to discuss results of all the above.


  • Participate in Specialized Workshops provided by and through the New Journey Web Platform.


  • Pay appropriate fees if necessary.

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